Spring Update

March was a pretty busy month for us, despite the doctors office screwing up, AGAIN, when I needed to go back for day three labs, so we were put on hold until April. April rolls around, and I’m less than excited about starting another round of anything because I was just starting to get over a HORRIBLE cold, and was still feeling kind of run down. We hosted Easter, which made three days fly by due to all of the prepping, cleaning, cooking, and the actual day of! Not to mention those days I was feeling extra perky and was awake before 6am everyday. 
At this point we were just waiting for my period to start so that the lab work could be done;  again, a year later thanks to our new “supplemental insurance” and their mandated procedures. The hubby had gone the prior week and provided his “sample” for analysis. We were just waiting for me!
After Easter dinner I had some indigestion which seemed to be a new thing as of late. That carried over into the next day, and on my way home I stopped at Walgreens and grabbed some Tums, and a pregnancy test. I knew I’d be needing one after the second round of IVF, so figured just grab one now. Once I got home, I took one. My period was now 5 days late (it seemed to be later and later after each round of fertility treatments,) and I had all my regular PMSing symptoms, bloating, one small spot on my face that broke out, and sore boobs. 


Took the test and went about my business doing some cleaning. (Yes, I know, you’re supposed to take the test in the morning had a yada yada.) Went back a few minutes later, saw the one pink line, and picked it up to throw it away. Another negative, wghich meant I’d be getting my period soon! I looked again, and there was another line. There were two lines. 


I’m pregnant.?.!.?

What the hell? How am I pregnant? We weren’t in ANY treatment cycle. And, there, as clear a day, were two pink lines. Immediately I start hyperventilating, at this point I was standing in the bathroom with the test in my hand, staring into the mirror with my chin dropped to the floor. 

For taking the test in the middle of the afternoon, I’d say that one BRIGHT pink first line. (At first when I had looked, the test was upside down so it obviously looked like a BFN to me.) 
After calculating the math, I was exactly 5 weeks on Monday the 17th…and my estimated due date is 12/16/2017! So while I may not have had a baby for Christmas last year as one doctor promised me, I will have a baby this year for Christmas, pending I don’t go that far over my due date. 
Then it was on to telling DH. The next blog will be about that, because it really is the most adorable, surprising, and sweetest thing I’ve ever watched. Since then I’ve watched it hundreds of times, and I still feel the same way! 


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