Menopur Madness 

This past Wednesday afternoon I received my update call from my doctor. “Everything looks great. Seven follicles. We’re going to have you do a few more night of injections, and then an ultrasound and bloodwork on Friday. So…Continue the Gonal F and the Cetrotide, and you are going to start the Menopur.” 

But I didn’t have Menopur. It had to be ordered, and I had to go after work to pick it up because I needed it that night. Leave work a little early 4:10pm. Haul out to the pharmacy which is usually a 45minute drive. I ran in expecting to pick up the medication as it was ordered hours earlier. Get inside pharmacy, and wait about 15-20minutes. If you’ve done the math, you have figured out that I will now be in rush hour traffic headed back home. Rush hour traffic, being hungry, exhausted, and crying because everything is going wrong (ironically not with this, just work, cars, etc.)…doesn’t make for a good copilot. My poor husband dealt with it all wonderfully! Held my hand, told me everything will be alright, and to just take it one day at a time. 

Hours of traffic later, I’m back home prepping for my injections. I decided I wasn’t mixing the Gonal F with the Menopur because I simply wasn’t comfortable with that. That decision of course led to me injecting myself three times. At this point, what’s another injection? As of last night, it’s been two week straight of injecting, varying from one to three. 

On the upside, I’ve become obsessed with one specific type of alcohol prep pad. I am by far the biggest fan of Braun! 


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