That is a CLOSE UP of my souvenir from the Cetrotide injection, combined with some scars. Yeeeeeeouch!!

No side effects today from the first round of double injections, other than the lovely color burst on my stomach. Which I will certainly take, as I’ve heard nightmare stories about the headaches some get. I won’t refer to this as a side effect, but the bloating/puffiness. 




I put on a skirt this morning (fitted throughout but has an elastic waist band,) and it looked like I was pregnant. Not cool. Not cool at all IVF treatments. It’s not because I’ve gained weight, I know that because I weigh myself every morning. 

It’s completely mind blowing to me that in roughly two weeks we will hopefully, (fingers crossed as well,) have two embryos transferred. I am not even able to comprehend…

Tuesday’s thought: 


2 thoughts on “Yeeeeeeeouch!!!

    • Thank you. The Cetrotide is AWFUL. I don’t have a bruise from last nights injection, but who knows what tonight will bring. I haven’t had any burning but I can feel it spreading throughout the area afterwards. It’s SO bizarre!


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