Tonight is the 11th night of my injections. I’ve never had any pain when I’ve given them to myself, but tonight it hurt. To the point where I said out loud “ooooouch!” It also bled afterwards for a few minutes, which has never happened. First time for everything, so why not bang out two things at once. 

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 6am, who doesn’t love that on a Sunday morning to head to my doctors other office which sees patients on the weekend. It’ll be another ultrasound (4th in 7 days,) and more bloodwork (4th draw in 7 days.) I am trying to remain neutral because optimism isn’t ever my friend. 
Tomorrow will be cycle day 14. If my follicles were under 12mm (they were right on the 12mm cusp as of Friday,)  they should be growing between 1-2mm per day. Which means I should have follicles somewhere between 14-16mm. 14 would be if they grew 1mm per day, Friday and Saturday; and 16 would be if they grew 2mm from Friday onwards. From my previous rounds, I know that my follicles have not, at any point, ever grown 2mm/day. They’ve usually grown between 0.5mm and 1mm per day. Should the prior cycles be any indication, I’m guessing they will be between 13-14mm. Grow you suckers, grow…PLEASE grow! 

For a little bit of humor…does anyone need some condiments? We have barbecue sauce, Ovidrel, a Thai pineapple marinade, blue cheese dressing, Gonal F, and soy sauce. 


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