I’ve deemed ultrasound and blood work days: “UltraBlood” days. You’ve heard it here first. 

Again, I can’t praise my doctor and her entire office staff enough. (Yes, today is even a Monday and I’m in a good mood.) The ultrasound tech this morning was SO sweet, she introduced herself, was calm and thoroughly explained everything. She did the ultrasound, “click click…whoosh whoosh…click click…whoosh whoosh…click click…whoosh whoosh.” (The clicks were the machine and the whoosh were the images being printed.) I’ve now had ultrasound pictures printed!!! Even though I don’t have them, there’s a first for everything, despite the images being of my follicles. Oh well. 

I was done, and then I was off to the lab. 
Blood got sucked out, during which time I was told my veins were the tech’s “problem child” of the day, and how it’s really frustrating for her to have to have all the lab work from my doctors office done by 8:30am. As she was talking about how “rough” her day is, all I could think was “less talk and more work.” Here’s the mug shot of my arm once I got back to work. 

Later this afternoon I got the call about the ultrasound and the blood work. I am to do the same dose of the Gonal-F tonight, and Tuesday evening. I’m uncertain, but I am taking this to be good news; if the dosage had to be scaled back, it would have meant things were progressing too quickly. On the flip side, if the dosage was increased, it would mean things aren’t moving quickly enough. I should have asked the nurse, but I was so focused on writing down the correct information I didn’t think to. Right?!? Anyone want to confirm or deny my thoughts?!? 

I go back on Wednesday at 7:10am for an UltraBlood combination. 

Sooooooo day 6 of 112.5 here we go! 💉


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