This morning I had my “patient services” call with the nurse. She walked through every step of the Gonal F injections, how to prepare the injection, administering it, and any side effects. She was super helpful. Patient and reassuring. She went over the treatment course, injections of 112.5 units for 5 days. I actually did the math out, not sure why this thought hadn’t crossed my mind previously, but I have 1,350 units, for 5 injections. The 5 injections is and isn’t true. As she explained, I will be doing the 5 injections as they were previously planned. On Monday, I have blood work and an ultrasound. Monday afternoon, the nurse will call upon reviewing the labs and speaking with the Doctor. At that point in time, she told me that depending on what they see and levels, I will probably have to do more injections, hence, the extra units of the injection. On a “typical” Gonal-F cycle, there are about 8-10 injections per cycle. So…I’ll have 3-5 more injections. 


Injection has “warmed up,” and it’s time to get this done and over with. Here’s everything all prepped and ready to go: 

Doesn’t look so intimidating! Then I opened the box, and the shaky hands kicked in seeing all of the disposable needle tips. That, by the way, was the hardest part of this…I couldn’t get the darn needle on. 

I was videoing the injection, but stopped after the needle tip struggle. Fumbled around for about 5minutes, and then started videoing again. That video was later sent to the moms, mine and DH’s. Figured they could “participate.” Hahaha. I took the same approach as before…on the count of three! One…two….

I never got to the number three. There was a longgggggg pause after I said two, and then in the needle went. It didn’t hurt, at all. It seemed to be much smaller than the HCG needle, and there was two thirds less substance being injected. I knew this from my call this morning. Yay for a few small perks?? 
One down…a handful more to go. I’ll keep you updated with how the injections go, and any side effects I have. 


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