Tomorrow, we INJECT!!

Haven’t blogged in a few days, but that is because there wasn’t much to say. Well, that’s not entirely the truth, so let’s get you all caught up! 

Monday we went for our STD/HIV testing. Overall nothing earth shattering…the lab tech was a bitch. The lab was supposed to open at 7am, which was when our appointments were scheduled for, but she didn’t get there until 7:15ish. She then allowed the 3 other people who didn’t have appointments to go first, despite DH and I waiting, in addition to another person who had a 7:05am appointment. Here’s a notion, if it’s your first day back from a week long vacation, maybe you should show up early. Just a casual suggestion. Anyway, my blood wasn’t drawn until 7:50am. She complained the entire time, basically threw the urine sample cup at me, and I could feel the needle being reinserted in my vein EVERYTIME she changed the vial. There were 4 of those changes. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Worst part was watching DH have his done, she definitely seemed to be doing more of an exploratory blood draw on him, and at one point he turned green. She’s lucky he didn’t throw up on her. 

My period started Monday, so tomorrow is day 3…and that means INJECTIONS!!! But before that, I have to have my Q&A phone call with the nurse about my Gonal-F injections. Wednesday night is shot time. I will be doing 5 days (Wednesday through Sunday) of 112.5iu. I have no anxiety about giving myself these. Which is interesting because the first time I had to give myself the HCG injection, I was anxiety ridden all day. Tomorrow, I’m thinking the nerves will stay at bay, but I’m sure at some point I’ll have a freak out moment. Probably when I have to attach the needle tip! Eeeeeeep. Just some casual Tuesday night reading…

Things I won’t be looking forward to: the bloating! I’ve heard and have read nightmare stories about this. Has anyone had any interesting side effects while taking their medications? Suggestions about the injections themselves? I secretly ove having my own little stash of alcoholic swabs. It makes me feel like a nurse…which was what I wanted to be when I was younger…but that’s another story! 

Here’s to being on the road again to the amusement park. The big bright colored rollercoaster of infertility treatments is looming in the distance, and we’re almost in the parking lot getting ready to pay our entry fees. 


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, we INJECT!!

    • I don’t have any pain (yet) while doing the injections. Tomorrow night when I’m back over to the right side I might have some discomfort as I have to switch injection sides nightly. I might try to ice tomorrow as a precautionary preventative 😉


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