Monday’s are always a struggle. Who likes going back to work after a great weekend? Especially when your employer doesn’t run the air conditioning over the weekend so Monday morning is like a sauna. Then there’s always the Monday morning drama one is subjected to hearing because coworkers can’t utilize their inside voices. 

Much to my “excitement,” our appointment with our new RE was Monday. All of the above Monday issues, an appointment with a new doctor, and an anxiety level that soars higher than the clouds. This was destined for failure. 
Fast forward an hour and a half. We left that appointment and felt secure. We felt confident. I felt safe. We were more than pleased with everything at the appointment: the admin who handles all initial paperwork and appointment scheduling; the doctor and her unbelievably high level of professionalism and knowledge; the nurse who we met with who went over the injections, ordering the medication, and all steps of the procedure. I could not have been more impressed. Did I also mention there’s a financial consultant who reviews all insurance information and works to actively find discounts for you? And, there’s a nurse on call 24/7 who solely addresses questions and concerns about how to give yourself the injections, filling the vials, and anything else you might wonder or want to know about those lovely shots. 

A few good “takeaways” from the appointment on Monday: 

  1. She said there’s NO need for us to jump right into IVF. 
  2. They do ultrasounds and bloodwork together, not sporadically; they’re always done in conjunction of one another. 
  3. She was more than perplexed as to how my prior doctor mistimed two cycles with all the monitoring. And may have mentioned a few others times that there were things that didn’t make sense. 
  4. Reread #3…VINDICATED! Ok, that’s how I felt anyway…
  5. The costs are LESS at her office (a much larger practice with many satellite locations.) 
  6. It was pointed out that since my follicles never got to the “ideal size” (which is 20+ …mine NEVER got that size!!!) on a clomid cycle, she wouldn’t even consider another round. 

For what is seemingly the first time throughout this entire process, I feel comfortably optimistic. I have a feeling of certainty, which is nonsensical because nothing in infertility is certain. But yet I feel courageous, and am excited? 

Here’s the run down: I’ll be doing shots of Gonal-F, followed by the HCG injection (which I can use from the last time I ordered it & didn’t use it!) and then an IUI. I mean look at the detailed information we were given at our FIRST appointment…

My OCD was screaming “let’s do this!!!”


2 thoughts on “Courage. 

  1. Good luck! I know what you are going through and what you are about to expierience. It’s a tough journey but courage is all you need. You got this!!


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