Word of the Day: Firm

If you recall, today (at any point during the day as my doctors office so rudely told me Tuesday,) I had to go get my bloodwork done. I am fortunate enough that there are about 10 labs within a five mile radius from where I work. This makes having to get bloodwork done relatively easy, and I can suck out for 15 minutes without having to worry about missing hours of work. 

The location I went to this morning, didn’t open until 7:30am, and that was fine with me. I had no plans on going that early and was going to wait until I needed a break from work. Around 9:30am, I was struggling. My focus was gone, and I was getting frustrated with my work. Time for bloodwork!! I arrived at the lab, wrote my name in the clipboard and was waited about two minutes before my name was called. In I went! 
The phlebotomist was kind enough to inform me that my insurance no longer is affiliated with their labs, Quest Diagnostics, and I might get a bill. She was being friendly enough so my somewhat sarcastic retort of “just add it to the stack” was lost on her. Oh well, I tried, she was about to stab me with a needle, so the joke is on me. She asked which arm I preferred, and I stated it didn’t matter. Really, not a big deal to me whatsoever. She checked my right arm, then my left…took a step back said, “hmm,” and went back to my right arm. Tap tap tap on my arm, and then “wow, you have small veins.” Fun fact: she’s drawn my blood the last 3 times, and was the one that told me I should have had my bloodwork done for the beta test sooner than I did. I said, “yes, you’ve told me that before.” If confusion wasn’t the look immediately plastered on her face, I don’t know what to call it. 

Finally, once the needle is in my arm she said “you have firm veins.” Perfect! Awesome! I’m so proud! This is amazing! Finally, I can say something is going right…and I’m grinning!!! I’m then asked “do you have a lot of bloodwork done?” I responded “yes,” as I am thinking that I’ve handled this like a pro and she’s impressed. 

With this odd smile on her face she tells me, “I could tell, you have a lots of scar tissue. That’s why your veins are firm.”
Womp. (Ironically my phone autocorrected this to womb. Well played iPhone. Well played.) Womp. Womp. 

Here’s hoping that although I have small and firm veins, my ‘barely 11’ follicle has grown like it’s overdosed on miracle grow. 

Meanwhile, this is how I spend my time at red lights or stop sings…warning, it’s pathetic and I shouldn’t be proud of it, but I’m goooooood at it: 


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