Current Mood

Yesterday at 3:57pm- doctors office called me and left a message to make an appointment for me towards the end of this week. My phone during work hours is on do not disturb mode, so by the time I got the message, the office had already closed and I want able to call them back. 

This morning at 8:07am- doctors office called, didn’t leave a message. 

This morning at 8:34am- I call them back to confirm appointment times and when I am going for bloodwork. The person that answered the phone questioned, “well what kind of appointment are you coming in for?” Me, “I’m assuming an ultrasound.” Her, “you don’t know?” Me, “no. I’m calling to confirm the appointment, the message didn’t state if it was for an ultrasound. I also need to know I’m going for bloodwork.” Her, “well I didn’t leave you that message.” Me, “ok….” In response she grumbled, “I guess I’ll see who called you and I will have to figure it out. I’ll call you back.” 

This little girl face down on the stage was me today. The one that knocked me to the ground? My doctors office. Her annoyed tone, the sighs I had to listen to, and the overall frustration that I could pick up on in her voice…was just rude. With that being said, as I was hanging up the phone, I truly felt that I should have been apologizing for calling and disrupting them. How incomprehensible is that?! 

Here are a couple of thoughts: don’t answer the phone if you are of NO help;  your attitude shouldn’t express your irritation that you have to actually do something at your JOB; your work revolves around a predominantly female based clientele, that are on hormone treatments and already stressed, do NOT be an additional contributing factor; you’re annoyed that I called and asked a question, I’m annoyed that I have to be a patient dealing with infertility. I win! 

As of this morning…11:06am, here are two other tidbits of interesting news: 

  1. Someone who read this blog reached or to me and informed me that she goes to the same doctor. Small world! 
  2. A family member (not an immediate relative,) will also be seeing my doctor. Grrrrrreat, as though this wasn’t stressful enough, it’s now turned into a baby making competition, and I’m already down 0-2 and she hasn’t even started “the game.” 

One thought on “Current Mood

  1. Grumpy and rude secretaries, sounds so familiar! My gynecologist of the local hospital put me on Clomid so I’m not (yet?) under treatment in a specialised fertility clinic. The sighs I get when I have to call to schedule an ultrasound on a specific cycle day!And when I announce my presence at the counter I always get asked whether the reason for my appointment is a pregnancy. You’d think that those secretaries would have a bit more diplomacy, but no… Luckily I adore my gynecologist and she’s willing to schedule me during lunch break or in the weekend so she makes it worthwhile to continue going there. Baby dust to you!


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