Sunday Night 

So here’s the low down…

  • Finished my Clomid Saturday morning. 
  • There were no more headaches to be had! 
  • Quick bout of nausea this morning.
  • Ultrasound tomorrow, Monday morning…bright and early.

This weekend has been great. Family time. Hours by the pool. Endless sunshine. Lots of laughter. Sleeping in late. Sun tans. Grilled food. …all I can do is hope that next year we’ll have a little one to tote along for all of the fun. 

Tonight as I lay here, I can’t help but remember that Facebook has been inundated with “we’re having a baby” announcements, endless “our bundle/bundles of joy is/are here,” and newborn photo shoots. Do not get me wrong, I’m happy for those people, but a little piece of me breaks everytime I read someone else is having a baby. But, no, thank you, I don’t want to see or meet your baby. I’d rather be happy for you from a FAR distance…because I’m just sitting here thinking will that ever be us? And…if it won’t, HOW will we handle that? 


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