Two for Two

The only constant over the past two days has been that I’ve had ultrasounds. Tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen (don’t want to have the guys feel left out should any of them have stumbled across this,) this will be upped, and I will be three for three! Yes, that is right. My third ultrasound is tomorrow morning, three consecutive days of internal ultrasounds. At this point in time, I am wondering if I can just get my own portable kit and send them the images for review! 

Upon entering the exam room, I was asked whether or not I felt like I was 17. Completely perplexed by this I offered an awkward smile. It was 6:45 in the morning, I’m certainly not 17, and why would I feel 17?  He then explained that he was questioning whether I felt as though the follicle was at the 17 mark. Riiiiiight. I knew that. I just hadn’t had my coffee yet and couldn’t comprehend the posed question which had to have been missing 5-7 words. Come tomorrow morning, I will promptly issue an answer should I be asked if I feel like I’m 17. (Furthermore, why would I want to be 17 again? Well, some aspects I liked; for one I weighed less. Why would a 17 year old be at THIS office? What 17 year old is actively trying to get pregnant? NOT getting pregnant should be the number one objective for somone that age. Why must you ask such challenging questions so early? My brain doesn’t function without caffeine.)

Enough with the rambling questions. Here’s the update. Follicle 1, which was the “lead” at 16mm…grew to a WHOPPING 16.5mm. Mediocre progress there follicle 1. Mediocre at best. Follicle 2, which was at 12mm…grew to 14mm. Decent growth there #2! Keep it up. Try a a little harder though. And #1, take some notes from #2, which is technically now #1?! …talk about confusion…

So…my little follicles that I was mildly impressed with yesterday, did not amaze me today. At all. Because I want to add some humor to this post, below are some quotes from my doctor this morning.(Please keep in mind these are direct comments from a reproductive endocrinologist.)

  1. “Should I even have to see you next month for another round…”
  2. “Your lining looks better than some pregnant women that I’ve seen…” 
  3. “This is going to be a GOOD round!” 
  4. And then the ultrasound tech chimed in with: “it’s BEAUTIFUL! It’s begging for a baby.” 

Please. Do. Not. Say. These. Things. To. Me. 
Does he not already know that I’m mentally playing a game of chess and trying to calculate every single thing that is said or done? I try to stay level headed, but then these comments are made in addition to the “lush” and “let’s make a baby comments” from yesterday and my optimism increases and those hopeful feelings that I repeatedly squash come bubbling up. 
So tomorrow I am going for ultrasound 3. Yahoo. In this situation, grumpy cat can express my thoughts: 

I was also told that I WILL be using the HCG injection. At least that ends up being money not wasted! When he informed me that the shot would be scheduled based on what is seen tomorrow, I questioningly said, “oh?” He said, “yes” with a puzzled look on his face. I shared, “there must have been some miscommunication, someone here told me I might not need it.” His response, which was very calm, but clearly confused was, “absolutely not. This is the order of how things go. Of course you’ll be using the injection.” My retort was simple, “ok, someone in the office must have misspoken.”


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