“Let’s Make a Baby!”

I’m not sure how to go about explaining this, because I don’t really understand it myself. Which is my own fault because I didn’t ask questions, but at the same time, this is completely fine because I have another appointment tomorrow morning. At 6:45am. 

So anyway…here’s how today went…

My appointment was at 7am. Check in, have my vitals measured, and sit in the exam room waiting for the ultrasound tech to show up. While waiting, my doctor asks if I mind having a medical student in the room with me. I responded, “nope, I don’t mind.” I mean there was a crew of them in there two weeks ago, so one person today won’t make a huge difference in my life. I was then asked the results of the OPK that I did today, and told him “Negative. Again. Three days in a row.” He rolls his eyes, and in a very enthusiastic tone says “yup, we are definitely checking this out to see what’s going on!” 

Fast forward to the ultrasound. Keep in mind I had three NEGATIVE ovulation kits; Sunday, Monday, and today. Apparently my body likes to double as a magician, because there they were in all of their wondrous splendor: TWO FOLLICLES. Pause and catch your breath. Recovered? Good. Back to these two follicles, the “lead” one is measuring 16mm and the other is around 12mm. At this point, I’m not even laying on the exam table. I’m in a half sit-up position, with my feet in the stirrups, having the ultrasound, pretending like I can read the images on the screen. Please note, I can’t. I haven’t the vaguest idea as to what the images were as the tech was clicking through them, they all look like Rorschach tests to me! I actually prefer not knowing. One less thing for me to over analyze. 

My doctor then says, “your lining is screaming LET’S MAKE A BABY!” Come on now, if my uterine lining was or had been screaming that, I wouldn’t be laying there having another internal ultrasound.  He then follows up the first comment with, “it looks so lush and inviting! It’s great!” My uterine lining is lush and inviting. Two words I never expected to hear describing that. Lush, maybe for a rainforest or a garden…but in this situation, no. Just wrong. Lush makes me cringe. Inviting, sure! I will stick with that one because there’s been an open ended invitation for the nonexistent baby for quite sometime. This information was surprisingly welcomed. Albeit the usage of the word lush. Those 4 OPKs that I have left are now getting tossed, they were useless and went 0-3 on being accurate. 

Tomorrow I go back for another ultrasound to see where the lead follicle is. It’s perplexing to me that it’s a race between the follicles to get to size. (Side note: I need to create a cartoon image of follicles running to win the race!) I was given the option of waiting until Thursday, with the warning that should I wait that long, the lead follicle could be much bigger than the ideal range (18-22mm) which isn’t a good thing. I opted to not wait until Thursday, because I’m trying to keep the odds in our favor. Every single odd that could possibly be in our favor, I need. There is also a chance that the smaller follicle will have grown in size by the time I’m back on the table tomorrow. 

Based on what we see tomorrow, we will hopefully have the IUI scheduled by the end of this week! 

…so, to my body, I’m sorry for saying I hated you the other day. I was very angry. You were playing games and didn’t bother to clue me in. For my sanity, please do not do that again. I don’t appreciate the Houdini act. To my two follicles: Grow Grow Grow! Thought, that means increased chance of twins. How about this little follicles, grow steadily, but don’t feel the need to try and win an Olympic medal. 

Who am I kidding??? 


Fun fact: I’ve had over $2,500.00 worth of bloodwork done this year alone. I totaled it up today when I logged into my health   account. Insurance has paid for all of it. I suppose I should be excited that those bills aren’t coming this way. 


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