Pills, done.

I finished my second round of Clomid on Wednesday. Other than the lingering headache there weren’t any bouts of nausea, which I’m grateful for as the termperatures were hot enough to make me nauseous. The interesting thing this time around were the hot flashes. Good God almighty, I’d get to work every morning and immediately break out into a sweat, less than an hour later if be shivering, and the temperatures fluctuated like that throughout the days. Which was just wonderful given that the weather was between 75-90 degrees this week. Now, let’s move on to the pleasure of sleeping with hot flashes. There aren’t any. I’d fall asleep with a tank top and shorts on, and wake up in nothing. This of course becomes much more entertaining in the morning, when one can’t recall at what hour during the night you’ve taken the clothes off. 

I called the doctors office on Thursday morning, surprisingly, they didn’t answer. (Sarcasm, dear readers.) They eventually called back, and I of course hoofed it in a conference room so that I could speak. Conversation went a little something like this once my identity was confirmed…
Me: I finished day five of the Clomid yesterday.

Nurse: Ok, so you’re all done? 

Me:  Yes, last dose was yesterday.

Nurse: And that was the Clomid, correct? 

Me: Yes. The Clomid is done. I believe I need to have an ultrasound.

Nurse: Actually, no. I’ve spoken with the Doctor. He wants you to get an ovulation predictor kit and use that Sunday and Monday. If either day is positive, call us immediately. If they aren’t postive, we will have you come in for an ultrasound. You don’t need to order the HCG this time around. 

Me: Ok, so I am using an at home predictor kit Sunday and Monday, calling immediately if positive for what? Also, I’ve already ordered the HCG, I was told to order it at my appointment last week.

Nurse: Yes, kits on Sunday and Monday, and call so we can schedule the IUI. I can put you in Tuesday for an ultrasound if the kits are negative. You’ve already order the injection? You most likely won’t need it.

Me: Ok. Yes, let’s schedule the ultrasound anyway. So I guess I’ll just keep the injection?

Nurse: Yes, just hold onto it. You may or may not need it.
We confirmed the time for Tuesday, and that was the end of the call. Overall, no craziness, and no conflicting information. She did even mention to me that she reviewed my file and wax looking at it while on the phone with me. 

I didn’t think much of the call until later that afternoon, and again later that evening. At that point in time, I had some thoughts that were unsettling, confusing, and surprising. 

So here are those thoughts: 

  • Perfect, I’ve ordered a $100 shot, and I may or may not need it. That’s about as helpful as a meteorologist saying it may or may not rain. 
  • If I have the IUI I am not having an ultrasound prior to it. Which is confusing because what if there are more than 3 follicles???? Quadruplets (and up!) are not part of my future. 
  • I had two ultrasounds the first time around, and now might not have any. 
  • Peeing on a stick now has a whole new reason: ovulating or not ovulating? 
  • A box of ovulation tests are cheaper than a set of pregnancy tests. The box I bought was $12.99 for SEVEN tests!!! I can’t remember the last time I paid $12.99 for a box of 7 pregnancy tests. Wait, because I haven’t. Ever. 
  • Those in the baby making field (doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, pregnancy/ovulation testing kits producers) must be gazillionaires. The amount of money shelled out blows my mind. 
  • It’s a holiday weekend…but I’m to call Sunday when they’re never open, and then on Monday when they’ve already told me they’ll be closed. I’ll be speaking to the phantom receptionist? 

Surely this is shaping up to be an interesting few days…


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