Stress Less & Decompress

Clomid pill day 3, nothing exciting to report other than that headache that swoops in for the five days I take that little white pill. 

Infertility is the MOST stressful thing I have ever dealt with in my 31.5 years. Ironic in that you aren’t supposed to have added stress when trying to get pregnant. No, those aren’t the words of wisdom some people have shared, those are from my doctors. “Keep your stress level down,” were the exact words. I won’t even express my thoughts on that statement. 

So here’s how I would typically relax, unwind, and destress…

RUN. Long and hard for as far as I can. These days it might only be a few miles, but I’d only stop unless I fell off the treadmill. 

Have a glass of wine! I am a huge fan of a glass of vino (preferably white in the spring/summer,) and watching some silly TV.

Read. With that being said, I’ve already read 35 books this year. So….as much as I love to read, I clearly am already reading quite a bit! 

Shopping. Nothing says therapy to me like shopping bags, receipts, and new clothes.

…and here are the reasons why I can’t do the above…

Run, I’m not supposed to be doing strenuous activities. (Infertility treatments are strenuous, so I can’t wrap my head around that.)

Wine…really, do I need to elaborate? Medication and alcohol…

Read…I just can’t read more than I already do.

Shopping…NOT happening unless it’s for shoes or purses. I refuse to buy anything other than the sizes I currently wear. Also, I feel like an elephant. At this point I’m used to it, but there’s nothing like looking at your closet and knowing 1/3 fits uncomfortably, 1/3 fits like a sausage casing, and the other third is “ok.”

So here’s what I’m trying to do instead…

Walk, walk, walk, walk it out. I’m going to start ramping up the walking at night and on the weekends. I’m not talking a mile or two additional per day, I’m talking minimum 4 or more. 

Weekly manicures/pedicures. No I’m not talking about frivolously throwing money away to get my nails done weekly, I do them myself. Not exciting, I’m aware. 

 Trying to cook a new meal each week. I love to cook, so this can go both ways. I’ll be happy if it tastes great, but if I don’t like it…that will get me going! 

More of my adult coloring! 
What are you go to things for unwinding and stress relief? I’d love to hear what you’ve found works for you, and things that ended up being more stressful than good! 


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