Laugh It Out

The beginning of round two is in the books. Popped the second Clomid pill today. Yes, that means my ultrasound was normal, or as my doctor said “things look great.” Did I also mention that I had the pleasure of meeting medical students during the ultrasound? That was certainly interesting, especially when they’re trying to shake my hand while I’m ON the table having the ultrasound. Anyway, this time around, I’m not thinking days from now, a week out, or anything other than the current day. Present time only, no what ifs, no countdown to D-Day. Remind me of this a week from now.

As miserable, depressing, frustrating, annoying, and exhausting as infertility is, there are definitely some funny things that I’ve come across on Pinterest. I’m not talking “hahahaha funny,” I’m talking pee your pants funny. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the humorous side of infertility…

Because now is a great time to shake my hand, said no woman ever, while being probed.

Taking the scenic route obviously…and enjoying all of the tourist spots along the way. 

Give me a glass, a quart, a gallon, just hook me up to an IV of that “pregnancy water.”
Pretty sure my DH can attest to the above. He had a week long express pass to the hormone roller coaster. He survived round 1…fingers crossed for round 2!

Hahahahaha. I mean if you can’t laugh at this, I don’t think you appreciate my sense of humor. Or twistedness, but there it is, and it cracks me up.

Rawrrrrrrrrrr!!! 🐻

My all time personal favorite! 


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