Saturday Confessional

Last night, we did some shopping for an upcoming bridal shower and a baby shower. If that wasn’t a swift reminder of what we don’t have (the baby obviously,) I couldn’t tell you what is. Confession number one, I would love nothing more than a happy and healthy baby, but if we were to have a boy, that child will be the cutest little prepster ever. Blue shorts with red embroidered lobsters on them? My heart literally jumps with joy. 

I didn’t blog yesterday. Confession number two, I LOVED IT. 

This morning I woke up, and immediately thought “POAS!!!” (Another acronym, go figure. POAS means pee on a stick, eloquent don’t you think?) As I lay there in bed, I frantically searched through post after post, reading whether it was too soon to test, what others were getting for results, what the HPT (yes…one more, a home pregnancy test,) results were compared to the beta blood test, etc. By the time I finished scouring the web and reading countless articles, I literally ran to the bathroom. Insert ominous music. Confession number 3, I didn’t even have time to get to the closet and get out my stash (don’t judge,) of tests. When I have to pee, I HAVE TO PEE! That’s not the confession, the confession is that even though I know I shouldn’t, and I have been told to NOT test at home, I was furious with myself that I didn’t. 

Confession number 4, I’d love to be sitting outside in the sun with a margarita and a good book. Guess I’ll have to stick my Baileys flavored coffee creamer because of the unknown. 

Bloating and puffiness is at an all time high. The frequency of which I feel sick has been steadily rising. Confession number 5, Tums have become my new bedtime snack. I’m popping three at a time almost every night. When I was little, I used to swipe one or two from my parents medicine cabinet because they were so tasty! Now I find myself frantically running to the closet and prying that bottle open as though it’s the last living move I will make. 

Confession number 6, we have names picked out. It’s not anything to be alarmed about, we talk about names all of the time. Let me put it into perspective, we will have a child. Said child will need a name, it isn’t really an optional sort of thing. So because names remind us of the end goal, we gravitate towards the fun discussions of choosing one. We started off with a list, and then whittled it down. It allows us an escape from the doctors appointments, medications, and the monthly unknown. 

I want to have a baby. Confession number 7-infinity. 


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