Ticking Time Bomb

Finally, I’ve figured out the best way to explain this “TWW” (two week wait.) It is like a ticking time bomb, sounds severe, but bear with me while I explain. 

Bombs usually have some sort of timing mechanism that indicates when they will detonate. An IUI has a timer as well, which counts down during the TWW, and detonates at the beta blood test. 

In almost every instance a bomb causes casualties. The casualties after an IUI (one that doesn’t succeed,) usually center around emotions, and emotional damage can be quite the swift kick. 
From various tv shows, movies, and news reports, I’ve gathered that those who make bombs put in a decent amount of research. Let’s call everything leading up to an IUI the research- blood tests, the semen analysis, the HSG, countless internal ultrasounds, and endless amounts of physical exams.

When bombs are safely dismantled, there is an overwhelming sense of disbelief, accomplishment, and then I can only imagine, pride. If an IUI is successful, and you’re pregnant, one must certainly feel these same exact feelings. 

I’m sure that you now think I’m a lunatic comparing waiting two weeks to a bomb that is going to detonate. This next sentence will sound worse. Unless you’ve gone through this waiting period, you do not understand the craziness that one feels. One day I’m convinced I’m pregnant, the next day I’m 125% positive that I’m not. I’ll have an emotionally uneventful day, and then while I’m eating dinner (like tonight,) staring at my green beans will make me want to cry. My Pinterest account is chock full of potential nurseries, parenting tips, etc. Sounds great. …and then a diaper commercial will come on and I have a fleeting momentary thought of throwing the remote at the TV. 
So continues my wait. 




Blood test Tuesday morning. 


105 hours until that time. 



One thought on “Ticking Time Bomb

  1. Even though I’ve had so many TWW’s after TI with positive OPKs , and those waits have had many swings of optimism to hopelessness, I’m doing my first IUI towards the end of this month and I imagine this time it is going to be exponentially worse. More will be riding on it for sure.

    I like your comparison to a ticking time bomb, the making and dismantling ~ there is definitely that feeling that something is about to go off either which way!


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