Lucky #7

Seven was always one of my favorite numbers growing up. I always wanted it for my soccer shirt or on my basketball jersey. Eventually 7 turned into 14, and 14 evolved to 21, which gradually became 23. Enough of my ramblings, back to 7. Today marks 7dpIUI and 7 days left until I have the beta blood test. Which means, we are at the HALF WAY POINT! Of course, it’s completely neurotic that I am excited about the fact that we are to the half way point. 

I’m certainly not an optimistic person, I gather you’ve picked up on that, but I did find a lucky penny yesterday when I went to get my morning coffee. Is that a sign? (Probably not.) Am I reading too far into finding a random coin on a busy street in the city? (Yes, absolutely.) However, for those few minutes while getting my coffee I was rubbing that penny like a worry stone. I even made sure to put it in a zippered coat pocket so I wouldn’t lose it, and it’s now sitting on the dining room table centered on a placemat. Who have I become? I never believed in these things or took them for any worth, now here I am thinking “it’s a sign!” Don’t pop my happy bubble that I’m currently floating in. Breaking it all down, it could be a “sign” of two very different things: we’re pregnant OR we are going through a second month of treatment. 

So…the game plan is to stay busy busy busy over the course of the next week, without adding any stressors. Someone make sure to check on me Monday night, because my money is on a sleepless night. It’s how I am wired. 

Now, for how I’m feeling! …Good! The constant need for sleep has finally gone away, which is so exciting. Not sure if it was having a few restful nights and some decent sleep, but I’m happy that I no longer feel the need to be in bed by 6pm. I also for the first time in a week devoured dinner. This doesn’t sound like anything special, however the past week food has just kind of been there. I’ve been hungry but never really wanted to eat due to that “I’m going to throw up,” feeling. If you know me, your eyes are so far up and now lodged in their sockets due to the ferocity of that eye roll you just did. Me, not being thrilled with food? I know…I know. 

So on day 7, we are scoring two points: 1 for sleeping normalcy resuming and 1 for FOOD! 


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