Walking Whale 🐋


Not bothering with the listing of the symptoms anymore, because there are only two left. 

Tired. I thought the tiredness had subsided after a day of sleep and rest yesterday, however, at 6pm today I was ready to crawl into bed. Did I mention I was yawning throughout the course of the day? All of my friends that have had babies said that during the first few months of their pregnancies, all they wanted to do was sleep. I can’t even fathom wanting to sleep more than I already feel as though I need to! Who knew possibly being pregnant was so exhausting? I am trying to maintain a regular sleeping schedule, but being wrapped up in my blankets all nestled is bed sounds so heavenly. 

Inflated. PMS bloating has nothing on this. I feel like a whale, whatever the largest one is, that’s me! I walk around convinced that I have a pool tube around my waist. I am waiting for someone to walk by and poke me with a pin so I drain out  like a flat tire. My “comfortable” work pants are slicing into my waist. Typically drinking water helps reduce any bloating that I’ve ever had. In this situation, if I drink anymore water, I will certainly float away. I am a walking inflatable raft. 

Other than that, I feel good. Every now and then there’s a bizarre cramp here and there, so massive improvements from the other day. And….I’ve noticed in the past two days an unsettled stomach feeling. No, not a stomach ache, but more that I am going to throw up. In the morning, afternoon, and night. As soon as I’ve processed the feeling that has me headed quickly for a bathroom, it’s gone. The feeling lasts approximately the length of time it takes me to snap my fingers. It’s annoying! 

Celebrated Mother’s Day today with my mom; we chit chatted at the house while she opened her gifts, watched the birds (woodpeckers and bluebirds galore,) went to see The Jungle Book, and ate some delicious Thai food! SO much laughter and SO many little jokes. It was truly a great day! 


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