Afternoon of 5s

Today I’m 5dpIUI. I can’t even begin to process that FIVE days have gone by, and that Tuesday will be a full week. In all honesty, I haven’t thought much about the days that have gone past; there are still too many that are ahead. Nine days ahead to be exact. When is an appropriate time to start panicking and over thinking every single thing? 

There’s never a good time for that. So keeping busy is my saving grace. So here is an assortment of categories, and their five facts. 

Things you will never see in our child’s nursery…

  1. A circular crib
  2. Anything to do with clowns
  3. Disney themed decor
  4. A rocking horse
  5. A wall monogram

Count on these being there…

  1. A leather rocker/chair  
  2. Books, and books, and more books!
  3. A sound system
  4. Some incredibly comfortable rug
  5. Epic storage set up

May 17…

  1. I have my beta blood test at 7:30am to find out yay or nay
  2. We don’t know when the doctor will get the results
  3. Nor do we know when we will receive the results 
  4. It will be an emotionally charged day
  5. No results will be shared on the blog

Today I’ve done…

  1. Cleaned the shower
  2. Marinated steaks
  3. 2 loads of laundry
  4. Cleaned the table
  5. Installed hooks

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