What you haven’t figured out what that title means yet? 

Every industry or profession always has their own slew of acronyms. When you’re a teacher, working in insurance, or in the legal field, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s almost as though a glossary of acronyms should be handed out on your first day. Turns out, the world of infertility could probably win a Guiness record with the numbers they’re pulling in. I decided to share some with you, or those that I will be using, because they’ll get some serious white space. Really…I don’t want you think I can’t spell. 

TWW: two week wait (I am in this window right now!)

BFN: big fat negative (pregnancy test result)

BFP: big fat positive (pregnancy test result)

BW: blood work 

DH: dear husband 

DPIUI: days past IUI (for example, I am 1dpIUI)
Today I am 1dpIUI.


1. Exhausted, in every single conceivable (haha!) way. I am convinced I could sleep for days. There ae no pills, no injections, no procedures in the next two weeks. Which means I should have been able to sleep last night, right? Negative. It’s about time for me to start thinking about some relaxation techniques. 

2. Puffy. My entire midsection feels as though it’s been inflated, and it isn’t bloating. I think I could jab a needle in there, pull it out, and hear a large “whooooooooooosh” of air being expelled. 

3. Pressure. By no means does the pressure feel comparable to what I felt yesterday, that was really more uncomfortable than anything. Today it’s just a dull pressure. It wasn’t on my mind all day but every now and then, there it was. 

Overall I was very busy today at work, took a walk up the road to have lunch with my MIL, got home spent some time with the DH, and right now I’m curled up on the couch catching up on my DVRed episodes of Housewives! Don’t judge. I’ve not really given any thought to the next 13 days. Out of sight out of mind, or at least that is what I am telling myself! 

And, with that being said, that is all there is to report! 


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