When you tell someone he/she has an appointment at a time, wouldn’t you hope that the individual is early or at least on time? In the world of infertility, kiss that goodbye. I was he only one there for 7am. In hindsight, I will completely let that slide. 

My rescheduled ultrasound was for 7am. After I check in, pay another $175.00, and have my vitals taken, it is time to check that follicle. On Wednesday, I had one that was measuring between 11-12mm. We were hoping that it would be about 17mm. As of this morning, it is around 15mm, which is growing slower than he thought, but not anything to be concerned about. Much to his surprise and the ultrasound technicians surprise, there is another follicle. It was a no show on Wednesday, but now it’s just about the same size as the first one! Finally it seems as though my inner cheering for follicular growth is paying off. As I lay there giving myself another pep talk targeted of course to my follicles, the doctor casually taps my arm. “Remember that conversation we had about the chance of multiples? You have TWO follicles. Two equals twins. How do you feel about that? This is good!” I didn’t even respond. What was there to say, besides my facial expression surely captured it all. 

I have two follicles and everything looks great to house a baby…or two at once. 

It was off to the lab after that for a rush blood test, to check some levels and to get an estrogen reading. I will most likely be triggering tomorrow night. Eeeeeeeep! I don’t know if the “eep” is because I have to do my own injection (!!!) or because things are on an upwards swing…but eeeeeep! 

Today went correctly. 

There were no setbacks.

We are going full steam ahead. 

Finally, something went smoothly. No bumps, detours, or setbacks. All of the aggravation from the past few weeks has temporarily diminished, upon hearing the “chance of twins.” 

I’m doing a happy dance!! 


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