Sanguine: Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

That is my word of the day. All day long I’ve been pleasantly surprised with myself. I would also say that we are in a difficult situation. So sanguine is perfection for this Saturday. Lately there have been many gloomy and moody days. I know some people can’t understand that, but until you’ve started going through any of these things, that is just how it is. It’s easier to not think positively, because there is only so much disappointment one can take month after month and year after year.

…with that being said, today was full of good thoughts. Yes, this is the same person that has written the previous blogs. Like I’ve said, the emotions and thoughts sporadically ebb and flow.

In the midst of my drives today, I was thinking about music.  When we have a baby, what we will listen to in the car? I’m not sure my rap selections are appropriate, but some of my country tunes can be soothing. Having grown up on Raffi, and still remembering all of the lyrics to “Baby Beluga,” I have no hesitations to doing a little throw back to the 80s. Other than Raffi, what the heck are you supposed to play for the little one? I have always enjoyed classical music, but that seems so pretentious to have playing for an infant…sign me up!

Next pleasant thought…baby clothes! As a shopaholic, this is something that I could certainly get into trouble with. I have no idea what it is about them, but they are so flipping adorable! I have always loved looking at the clothes and shoes, and when there’s a baby to buy something for, I know I have an excuse to go shopping! I’m much more partial to the boys clothing, the outfits are so dapper and classic, and I love the nautical styles.  I’m big on “classic” things and love anything to do with the beach. I also think I gravitate to the boys clothes because I was never overly girly growing up; yes, I danced for many years, but I wasn’t into hair styles, makeup, or clothes. That all came after high school for me. The bows and the ruffles, which are extremely precious, make me bananas. Only time will tell as to whether we end up with bow ties or barrettes…or BOTH!

Of course, with an amazing wardrobe, comes an equally stellar room. I tend to go to two opposite ends of what I would want a nursery to look like. We don’t want to find out the gender of any children we have, so the nursery would have to be gender neutral. Here of course is the dilemma: bold and bright or muted and pastels?! Without a doubt, I know that this will absolutely be my favorite thing to do when the time comes. Pinterest does not help me at all, one day I will think I know exactly what I want and the next day I see something completely different and fall in love with that. Either way, I know the room will have lots of stuffed animals, an endless amount of books, and a room filled with happiness and excitement.

For now, it’s just DH and I enjoying our own wardrobes, critiquing music selections, and arguing over who will shut the bedroom light off if we’re both already in bed.

Day 4 of the clomid, and no nausea, WOOHOO!!!


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