And we’re off…

First comes love…

Then comes marriage…

Then come a baby in the baby carriage!

Check, check, and wrong.

By this point you’ve figured out that this blog will have something to do with a baby, and our journey to have one. Really it’s just a place for me to maintain sanity, vent, share our experience, and to know we are not the only couple that’s ever been diagnosed with infertility. (10-15% of couples in the US are diagnosed with infertility according to the Mayo Clinic.)

So here are a few “housekeeping” items. Names won’t be shared, no information will be given about our doctor or his office (ok, I will share that he’s male,) I curse like a sailor but will try to refrain from the use of expletives, and my sarcastic commentary will have you wanting to rip your hair out. Now to the rundown of what brought us here. We’ve been together just 3 months shy of 10 years, and married for 6…the DH (dear husband) is 33 and I’m 31. Never have I ever (go ahead roll your eyes, I am too,) been pregnant. Never have I ever had a miscarriage. It sounds strange to say that, but after all of these doctors appointments you learn that “being pregnant” means two things: 1. You’ve been pregnant and delivered a healthy child. 2. You’ve been pregnant but it wasn’t viable. (Not my words, straight from the doctor.)

We aren’t in either category.

DH and I have had lots of testing and various appointments: bloodwork, an HSG, ultrasounds, more bloodwork, and various lab work and analyses done over the past three months. Everything has come back as normal. Upon further review of these by our REI (a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility,) our results are really good. So much so that he stated “there’s a 95% chance you’ll be pregnant by the end of the year” and paused…at that moment the weight of the world was off our shoulders…and resumed with “you have what is called undiagnosed infertility, there’s no medical reason that we can find as to why you’re not getting pregnant. You’re the perfect example of people that should be pregnant.” The weight that was off our shoulders, has now back dropped back on, and seemingly heavier and more crushing this time around. All I can think, no, wait I was not even thinking. I was spinning…and angry…and convinced we were wasting our time.

  • All of these tests have been done and there’s nothing?
  • Not a single thing is showing there could be a problem?
  • You call yourself a doctor?
  • There has to be something, it’s medicine and science!
  • Is this even a diagnosis??

At this point I’m thinking peeing on a stick and getting “not pregnant” is more conclusive than this.

Fast forward, and here we are less than 30 days after that appointment. We have a plan in place, and I’m about ready to take my first Clomid pill!








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